Supporting your Spanish Immersion Student

Make a long term commitment to experience full  benefits of the program. You can support your student's academic and language growth, even if you  do not speak the target language. You can support them emotionally throughout their immersion experience by sharing your excitement and passion for  what they are accomplishing. Take time to read  about language learning and immersion programs. You can support their language growth by seeking out opportunities at home, online, and in the community where they can authentically use their Spanish.

Helping with Homework

Reading homework:

Starting in kindergarten students will be expected to practice Spanish reading skills for 30 minutes each day outside of school. Any other assignments sent home will be in Spanish and English so  that non-Spanish speaking families will be able to  support their children.

Importance of reading in Spanish:

We believe that reading and being read to in any  language is beneficial to children. ids in the Spanish Immersion program will be instructed in Spanish, and therefore should be focusing on developing Spanish reading skills at school and at  home. English literacy instruction will begin in later grades, when students have a strong foundation of Spanish skills. Teachers advise parents of immersion students to have their students read in Spanish as much as possible to support growth in the target language. Parents are still encouraged to read aloud to their children in their native language.