Student Drop-off and Pick-up


In the morning when parents are dropping off students they should pull up to the main doors in the circular drive next to the curb and have their students exit the car. No student should be dropped off in the parking lot. If you would like to walk your student to the designated area please park in the front spaces to the northeast of the building in the parking spaces with yellow lines and walk your student to the appropriate entrance.

All students will enter either door 2 or door 17 between 8:50-9:05 am and head directly to their classroom for Grab ‘N Go breakfast.  Students should not arrive prior to 8:50 am as there will not be student supervision. 


In the afternoon, parents should park their cars and walk up to the building to meet their student. Parents can park in the first lane of traffic closest to the curb and get out of their car. Parents in the middle lane must wait in their car for an adult to bring their student to them. There is no stopping/parking in the third lane.

Parents are not allowed to pull into the back of the school to drop students off as this is a bus zone only and you may be ticketed.